Pilot Detail
Digital app for oyster harvesting inspection
The Loughs Agency currently manages the level of oyster harvesting by the distribution of a limited number of tags to oyster fishermen. Each tag allows them to land 25kg per full bag. Inspectors currently police these tags by performing spot checks and manually checking each tag. This system has been vulnerable to abuse and error.

Aim & Application
This new service will create a digital app to help this inspection process. The app is used by the inspectors to scan barcodes on these tags, allowing them to know immediately if the tag has been scanned before by an inspector or if the tag is missing from the system, etc.
This simplifies the inspection process and allows for better reporting and better traceability ensuring that fishing quotas are maintained.
The system is divided into 3 distinct sections the tag, the app and database. The tag will have a unique code for one off use. The app will be capable of reading the code to download the information (Date issues, details of who it was issued to and by, as well as date/time and location of last scan) and presenting it to the user and transmitting to the database for the Loughs Agency to access remotely.
Service Type
Derry & Strabane
Producing Organisation
Derry City & Strabane District Council