Pilot Detail
Oyster farm environmental condition monitoring
The Loughs Agency are planning to develop Oyster restorative tanks on the banks of Lough Foyle to help sustain and grow the natural oyster population. Key to this development will be the monitoring and maintenance of optimal conditions of the water in the tanks for oyster well-being. They want to be able to monitor conditions such as water oxygen levels, chlorophyll, and temperature several time a day. 

Aim & Application
This system avoids the need for manual testing and measurement which would require several visits a day by staff to remote and difficult to access terrain. Conditions sensed by wireless technology are sensed and sent the data back to a remote database which can be accessed from anywhere by staff.
The pilot is split into three distinct sections, environmental sensors, communications module and web server. The environmental sensors are placed in the tank to monitor the selected conditions of the water in the tank – oxygen, chlorophyll, UV light and temperature.  This data will be transmitted back to a web server to be accessed by the Loughs Agency.

Service Type
Derry & Strabane
Producing Organisation
Derry City & Strabane District Council